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Why work with us?

Our goal is to connect people and companies that need a reliable transportation service with a suitable driver, offering an opportunity to earn income with what you know how to do well.

We offer a modern, simple and always available way to connect with your passengers.

You don't need to identify your vehicle with any sticker, although you can use a center on top of it to identify yourself.

You must commit to your own schedule on your working days. It ensures each employee of the temp agency to which we provide the service can be transported properly.

As a Taki-Go driver you can manage your time, reporting when you are available, disconnecting when you have finished your day. You can connect at any time of the day and be available for as long as you want.

You can be your own boss while generating income and offering transportation solutions to busy people who need prompt service.

Taki-Go offers your passengers fixed, budget-friendly fares and the option of having a safe means of transportation on the way to work and back home.

How does our service work?