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Pursuant to Chapter 26 a transportation network company or its’ drivers may not discriminate against a prospective passenger or unlawfully refuse to provide service to a certain class of passengers or to certain localities or destinations. TAKIGO shall not impose any additional charges for service for person with disabilities, where available, TAKIGO will dispatch a wheelchair-accessible vehicle if one is requested by the passenger on the platform. If a wheelchair-accessible vehicle is unavailable, TAKIGO will direct the passenger to an alternative authorized transportation service provider who can dispatch a wheelchair-accessible vehicle. TAKIGO has a strict policy of nondiscrimination regarding individuals with disabilities in accordance with Pennsylvania State law. Drivers must transport a service animal when accompanying a passenger with a disability for no additional charge unless the driver has a documented medical allergy. Service animals must ride in the passenger compartment of the vehicle. It is a violation of Pennsylvania State law to place a service animal in any part of a vehicle other than the passenger compartment. All TAKIGO drivers must comply with this policy.

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